Call 2 Care Service - Monthly Call

Call 2 Care Service - Monthly Call

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A simple check up phone call is all we need sometimes to make sure a friend or loved one is alright!

This service allows a customer to receive call credits for every day of the month to be used on a loved one during that month! 

Medics On Wheels presents a fun and enthusiastic group of company representatives who can communicate with a loved one for you. 

Its so convenient! What do we do?

  • We log the time of the calls
  • Ask questions
  • Take down notes
  • Discuss basic needs for goods
  • Provide basic phone companionship
  • Report to the account representative and more!

Just pick the right plan for you!

USE PROMO CODE "CALL2CARE01" At check out to sign up for your FREE 7 DAY TRIAL! 

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