Call 2 Care Services

Let Medics On Wheels be your back up comfort phone call when you're too tied up to make it yourself!

A simple check up phone call is all we need sometimes to make sure a friend or loved one is alright!

Medics On Wheels presents a fun and enthusiastic group of company representatives who can communicate with a loved one for you. 

Its so convenient! What do we do?

  • We log the time of the calls
  • Ask questions
  • Take down notes
  • Discuss basic needs for goods
  • Provide basic phone companionship
  • Report to the account representative and more!

Just pick the right plan for you!

Once your order is placed we will contact your for any specific arrangements!

USE PROMO CODE "CALL2CARE01" At check out to sign up for your FREE 7 DAY TRIAL! 

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